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Grow Your Business; Go International

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

One of the hallmarks of a successful small business is consistent, steady growth. Competition can be fierce, so sustained growth, month over month, year over year helps to promote a good night’s sleep for the owner. In a perfect world, every small business owner could lie down to sweet dreams each night. The reality is getting and sustaining this type of growth remains elusive to millions of small business owners. One of the challenges is how to grow revenue from your existing market or branch out into new markets. Many small business owners cater to a core group of customers in hopes of gaining a loyal following. Customer loyalty, once the bedrock of reputable businesses isn’t as easy to maintain as it was a few decades ago because of changing customer demands augmented by technology and changing demographics. Yet, every adversity brings opportunity. While technology has forced more Mom & Pop businesses to develop an online presence, the advantage that gives them is expansion to markets outside their geographic comfort zone.

If you’ve ever considered exporting, selling your goods or services across the globe, you’re in good company! Today, with so many advances in technology, access to the international market is within reach; and this is so, regardless of your size. In fact, small and medium-sized companies in the United States are exporting now more than ever before. As a start, if you have a web presence, you already have a global marketing and order-taking platform. For just a few more dollars, for example, you can process credit card payments for buyers in Portugal or translate key pages into Spanish and other languages to further your reach. Yes, with proper planning and resources, you can be a Global Entrepreneur!

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